7 tips to put nicotine away

07/10/2018 23:30 FLEKITZA.com

 7 tips to put nicotine away

Cigarette offer comfort, entertainment or so you think. At the same time u relate smoking to feeling of pain. The result is that u might adopt unhealthy beliefs. Me as an ex smoker have some tips to recover from nicotine.

And I can tell, its very good feeling when you see yourself dancing without breaks in the club! You wil lhave more energy for everything :) 

1. Do it for yourself

My number 1 smoking tip would be to stop smoking for yourself, for the simple reason that you'll enjoy life so much

2. Drink water

When you find yourself craving a cigarette, try reaching H20 instead. Body hydration is important, whether you smoke or not

3. Take a long bike ride

Exercise is one of the best ways and bike rides will get your blood pumping

4. Go hiking

It's like walking, but better. Pick somewhere with nice scenery and watch those thoughts of smoking fade away

5. What about money?

Spend the money you saved, by NO smoking - after you reach a milestone, buy yourself something nice to celebrate ☺

6. Make decision when you are in good mood

Quit when you're in a good mood - trying to quit when you're worried, stressed is a recipe of disaster

7. Your fav combination

Coffee and cigarette a favoured combination, so try swapping but for a herbal tea


There are so many other tips that you can carry with you.
Congratulations to everyone who will not smoke today ♥


by Merry