"Why?" on "How against covid19?" :)

03/25/2020 12:30 FLEKITZA.com

"Why?" on "How against covid19?" :)

- Don't watch tv.
* it causes worry & fear and these are emotions that weaken human immune system.


- Every hour drink a glass of water at room temperature.
* Because you need literally that amount of water for an energetic day. And because water is life!


- 1000 mg Liposomal Vitamin C. 
* Because read here.


- Celery juice.
* Because the book of Anthony William says that this is the same liquid , acid that our gut needs and has ;) 


- Carrot and beetroot juice.
* Because that is the only way you will ever like and eat beetroot :D 


- Sage and thyme tea.
* Because they are abnormally bitter, and everything bitter is the healthiest for our body :) 


- Write down what's on your mind.
* Because that is how you will organize / isolate yourself an hour, a day, a life in the best way possible for you ;) 


- Listen to techno and dance.
* Because techno drives love, life, and dance is the cure O:) 


This should become your daily routine. 
* Because now is an opportunity to create a world with new routines, routines that you want, a world you want, anything you want ;) 


Let's make tekno universe ;)