Welcome to *Fear

07/19/2020 23:13 FLEKITZA.com

I present to you the young talented Violeta Milenković 🥰

Welcome to *Fear

Violeta is an artist 🟣
Her artist name is Fear 😱
She is a singer 🎤 Her voice has been in tune since she was a child 👶
Writer 📝
Guitarist 🎸
Producer 🎧
Musician 🎼

 "fish" was her first spoken word to me 🤩

Hers perception on world puts a smile on my face 

She has a "huge" smile 

Fear knows how to loves 💕

Enjoy her writing on my site in the department --> Girls Kicks 👊

Some of her published works 👇

➙ "Little Fighter" 

"Where is the salvation?

➙ "Bad city it is" 

➙ "Confession of an injured soul" 


 one LoVe