Viruses do not attack us but transmit information

07/24/2020 18:55

I was supposed to learn about viruses in the 6th - 7th grade of elementary school. What happened with that information, exactly ... I don't have a clue 😱 So I decided to learn again 🧐 Here is a lesson on viruses and bacteria by dr. Sladjana Velikov πŸ₯° Learn and share the knowledge! :)

Viruses do not attack us but transmit information

If the body is not cleansed enough, does not sweat, does not clean the intestines regularly, does not urinate regularly or is intoxicated by air, water, food or radiation, the cell breaks down, releasing the genetic material DNA and RNA, wrapped in a membrane, and such a structure is called a virus πŸ¦ 

So, what we call viruses are the protein parts of the decomposed genetic material of an intoxicated, destroyed cell.

Viruses are not living beings and do not reproduce.

If someone has been poisoned by a certain toxin, the genetic material, in fact viruses, will not transmit that toxin to someone else, but the information by which that body was intoxicated and the signal that the cleansing mechanisms should be included 🧹

The body is cleansed by fever, vomiting, liquid stool, rash…, which corporate medicine calls a disease πŸ€ͺ and which is in fact a reaction of the organism which releases toxins πŸ‘Š

Viruses are messages, information that spreads through the body and warns of the toxin that caused them.

Information or viruses can be transmitted to another body, and if it contains a certain toxin, a temperature will occur, which burns toxins, rashes and other cleansing mechanisms. If there are no toxins, there will be no cleansing. That is why some people get sick, some do not and some have mild symptoms for 1-2 days.

So, viruses are not at war with us, they do not attack us, they do not transmit poisons, but they transmit information.

We wonder, then, how does the body react and there are no poisons and no vicious microbes attacking us?

Imagine someone telling us some bad news. We will react as if it really happened, our body will secrete stress hormones, someone can even fall dead. And we only received information about an event that we didn't even see.

Why do these protein particles spread throughout the body and sometimes from person to person?

Because they warn us of the danger, of the toxin that caused them.

In nature, everything is in symbiosis.

Nobody attacks anyone, everything helps someone or something. Immunity is not created by viruses, but viruses are a consequence of immunity, viruses are the result of the body's immune reaction to toxins, vaccines, radiation, bad food, GMOs, etc.

Share and pass the knowledge πŸ™Œ