Traktor Kontrol F1 USB controller

10.03.2019 23.33

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Traktor Kontrol F1 USB controller

Laptop DJ setups offer flexibility and versatility way in excess of anything which could be achieved with ‘traditional’ DJ equipment.


Native Instruments’ Traktor Kontrol F1 USB controller is focusing primarily on the Remix Decks introduced in Traktor 2.5.


F1 is an efficient, flexible approach to controlling the Remix Decks and introducing true real-time remix features to your DJ sets.


The F1 isn’t the only option for controlling Remix Decks, but it’s certainly the easiest.


The possibilities for live rearrangements of tracks are huge, introducing an element of Live-style clip launching functionality to DJ sets and blurring the lines between a DJ set and a live performance.


Find more info HERE.