TMM Podcast 005 - Skeef Menezes

07/01/2023 23:19

Our 5-th episode with Skeef Menezes is ON.

TMM Podcast 005 - Skeef Menezes

Embarking upon our illustrious 5-th expedition, we have summoned Skeef Menezes to preside over the helm of our sonic ship. This mix is nothing but a mesmerizing tapestry of electrifying elements, enriched by a kaleidoscope of diverse sonic backgrounds, pulsating rhythms and entrancing sequences transporting you to uncharted realms of euphoria.

The upcoming release by Skeef is poised to imminently grace the sonic realms, as it prepares for its grand unveiling soon on TMM Records.

Very special visualisation for this podcast by Vegim.



Low Order - Selfless
Wei - Cazador
Faustø - Fallout
Forbidden - Unbalanced
Arjun Vagale & Robert Hoff - Hydroxylation
Forbidden - Lotus
Wei - Colisión
Faustø - Tangible Vision
Arjun Vagale & Robert Hoff - Spectrometry
Wei - Planeta
Divide - Troposfera
Axel Karakasis - Drooling Coachs
Arjun Vagale & Robert Hoff - Deception (Oxygeno Remix)
Zigler - Pyramidal Vertices (Lidvall Remix)
Lecture - Dave Wincent
Decka - B2. Decka - Singularity
Faustø - Unfaltering Force
Michel Lauriola - Rotating Glass
Oscar Mulero - Noches de Menta
Skeef Menezes - Path in Circles
Skeef Menezes - Augmented Reality

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