* Ticket

08.04.2023 17.02 FLEKITZA.com

✨words by Violeta Milenković aka *Fear* 📝

* Ticket

Writing about myself never made me feel any better, it never made me think I was enough it never helped.


I saw trough years that writing only made me realize that, some things just never hurt less, never disappear it never stops. The clock goes on and on, even if you begged it to it would never stop for you. Until your last breath. So it is not worth it. This life is not worth of me. Not worth wasting my time on what I have lost, lost things, lost people....


It may seem harsh, but no matter how much I, you or anyone else thinks about it...There is no going back, there is no fixing the past, there is no second life and no one is coming back from their graves. No matter how much you miss them, no matter how much you cry or how bad it hurts. Save your tears. And live!


You have chance and choice to live for them, live better...Do it! You can go on with your life try to be happy.


I am not saying that you have to forget your past, that is equal to nonsense. I am telling you to make them all proud, with life that you are happy in. It is never too late to breath again.

Do not cut your own wings just because it seems that your happiness is too far away. Rise up and show everyone that you are able and you will live a happy life. Cuz you only get one ticket for it, make that ticket worth your soul it the very end.

by *fear*