The Resolution Solution

01/01/2020 02:08

Resolutions you'll actually keep in case you wanna more happiness in your life, love, job ;)

The Resolution Solution

Here are some easy resolutions to keep, no matter what 2020 has in store ;)


GO GREEN - eat green veggies, drink green smoothies and juices and you will be more durable, energetic, understanding, happy, satisfied and organized


GO JUMP - go out, techno dance, walk, jump on trampolining, be barefoot


GO DOODLE - now! Take a paper and pen and write anything you want, anything you have in mind, just write it down! Doodle away! Stress relief and improved focus


GO PLAN - make your yearly, monthly, weekly and daily to do lists and you will be always on the top of everything you want! Helps you to manage your energy, money, success!


Try, you will not die :P