Our tips & tricks for travel easy and comfy

05/03/2018 18:00 FLEKITZA.com

Our tips & tricks for travel easy and comfy

Yes, we are a bit selfish and we want our 3p #techno3p to be as easer as much we can make it :)

We prepare ourselfs for every possible situation :)



Important things. It's a MUST :) 


Here's some stuff we are into while traveling. On the first place are children crying all the way: D

Solution  → headphones, battery filled with batteries and memory full of good techno ♥ movies or series you follow ;)



- charger always in our hands :P 

- always have water near you and drink as much as you can (and when you need a toilet, make sure to feel free to go to the driver and ask for a break, in case you travel by bus and toilet does not work as always :D :P )



- wet wipes and hand disinfection liquid for refreshment to feel clean :D 

- refreshing natural water, candies and dates 



- smaller pillows that will always give you feeling of comfort :) 



- always use brakes for streaching and make grimaces/crazy faces while you take slefie, it will chear you up ;) 


 Enjoy the journey ♣