Shopping mode!

12/21/2017 06:02

Love it or hate it, shopping may actually have some positive effects on our mood.

Shopping mode!

Everyone knows, of course, that woman love to shop. Most men, it seems shop only at the last minute, except for cars, phones and big screen TVs. Women are linked to shopping in the same way that men are linked to sports. You know what you like – go get what you would actually enjoy.

Here are some tips:

- Don’t just get something because everyone else has the same one

- You want to make sure what you get and see the value of having it

- Shop is stress-free. Be able to enjoy your time exploring the options that are there.


Don’t just pick a number out of air. Make a list of everything u need and come up with individual budget.


Shop on pre-planned days. Small purchases spread throughout the month can add up faster than expected.

Shopping it isn’t just to “to buy things”. Its encourage you to make your own choice. Its encourage you to become the subject of your own desire.

In the shopping stores we feel a measure of control we rarely feel at home when we are overwhelmed with our responsibilities. We feel we can make choices for ourselves when we are shopping: finding the right one piece is a triumph and picking the right color is magic.

Do the activities that you love and that keep you excited about life.


by Merry