Raw spaghetti

01/01/2020 22:59 FLEKITZA.com

If you don't like to cook like me: Here are the ideal spaghetti for you: P

Raw spaghetti

Before you start cooking, listen to the latest release on my label Delirio EP by Spanish techno producer Korben Nice.




Zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, whatever you like and come to your mind or whatever you have now :D


If you do not have a spiralizer then take a grater and grate the entire length of the zucchini. You'll get juicy zucchini spaghetti ;)


Put in a bowl and salt with Himalayan salt, add olive oil, or any oil you like ;)


You can let them drain for half an hour and drink or spill that water.


Then add whatever you want / have from all the fresh or dried spices.


Or you make the sauce yourself in a blender.


Or chop other vegetables and mix.


Anddddd… it’s done!

Andddd itsss so yummyyy :)