Sirova supa od bundeve

02.12.2018 01.41

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Sirova supa od bundeve

When you gave all your love to techno, and then you do not have a little bit left for food 😂

Then you take blender and mix the pumpkin techno soup :)😇



* 300g pumpkin
* 1 dl hot water
* 1/2 garlic
* some solt
* some pepper or any other spicy you like
* a little parsley



Put all ingredients in a blender and mix until you get soup.
For a thicker soup put less water, less frequent for more.


Enjoy your raw pumkin soup with new release on out label TMM Records with Cloze Encounter - Evasise EP.





You will love it. It's techno.

With techno soup :)