Pads I use during the my period

09/22/2010 20:00

After "Always" pads from which I have redness and fuj odors, I move on to "Lebreese natural care". For now, they are the most ideal on my body. I like them :)

Pads I use during the my period

We are all addicted to "Always" pads, the most plastic in the world! I had itching, redness and a horrible smell when period came in contact with the surface layer of the pad, so I changed them every half hour 🤪

🩲 "Always" are only super sticky and the menstrual liquid turned into a gelatinous mass, so I was sure it would never went out 😎

🧐 In search of natural pads, I went to Leebrese Natural Care, which after 6 months of use proved to be the most ideal for my body. For now, until I find some even more natural 🍀

Lebreese Natural Care pads have a super white packaging with green grass, chamomile flower 🌼 and aloe vera. The surface layer is soft and there are extracts of aloe vera and chamomile, which are known for their antibacterial action. These pads do not contain odors. They are totally neutral. They smell clean :)

I use Libreese Natural Duo or Economy pack of 20 pieces, since I change them every time I urinate 🤭 Price of this package is 2.35 euros.

Until the next change of pads, enjoy one that you choose ;)

with Libreese