My online social madias detox

09/12/2022 19:48

In 2019, I experienced an event that made me question the importance of spending time on social media giants such as instagram and facebook.

My online social madias detox

Both platforms had been an integral part of my life since 2006, serving as a digital diary that chronicled my journey through life, from my earliest memories, everyday life, what goes through my head, to analyzes and practices on how to create our reality, all with techno music.

However, an unexpected ban from both platforms pushed me to reevaluate my digital presence and led me to discover the true value of my own website, where I can present myself authentically, without any restrictions and prejudices and any wrong emotions, as well as connect with the world and with you!

For over a decade, damn fb was my go-to platform for sharing my life's experiences.

I treated it as a virtual diary, filling it with notes, photos, albums, thoughts, ebooks, planners, ideas, techno music. I used it as a marketing platform for my personal brand, a place where everyone, both people I know and unknown, could connect and keep up with my life. My account has always been open to everyone :) Created a faithful community, from which I also learned.

I also had a verified page for Flekitza as artist and had very really fans data base ...and ... 

then ....

My fb account and page and insta accounts were deactivated, without a clear explanation as to why.

For three months I tried to reach their support teams, understand the problem and get my accounts back, but no response at all.. After three months of being banned, insta responded with an apology, stating that my account had been disabled by mistake :D 

My insta was reactivated, but the facebook account was deleted…… blah… 

The incident pushed me to shift my focus and invest more time in my personal website.

I realized that relying solely on social media platforms meant giving my digital work to someone else's hands. On my website, I have complete control (am i control freak :P) over my content, branding, and image.

It was a liberating feeling to express myself without character limits or algorithms, and my brutal honesty comes out without any damn thinking :D 

Through my website, I found the true value of authenticity. I share my thoughts, experiences, and passions without the pressure of conforming to social media trends.

While social media platforms have their benefits, my website has become my digital home — a place where I can share my journey with the world on my terms.

So instead of investing my time and energy in passing trends and platforms, I invite you to visit my website to connect with the real me, unfiltered and genuine ;)

Thank you and I hope you find inspiration to embrace your true self and make the most of your digital presence :)

with LoVe