Let's talk about poops 💩

08/18/2021 20:52 FLEKITZA.com

Let's talk about poops 💩

I did not listen to the show 🎧 but I'm the one who likes to talk about the same subject 💩🤩 

➡️ We grew up feeling so embarrassed by poop 🤪🥰 but poop shouldn’t be a shameful topic 🧐 

➡️ This episode will inspire you to release many things, including the shame surrounding a completely normal and natural human experience 💩

➡️ Tune in for a safe space to let go… literally 😎

💦 Let's have a colon hydrotherapy session asap! 👌

 I just adore the content of the show 💩🥰

 She is amazing 🥰