*Confession of an injured soul

11/13/2021 21:20 FLEKITZA.com

✨ poem by Violeta Milenković aka *Fear* 📝

*Confession of an injured soul

Fate whore!
You betrayed me again!
When are you going to let me rest for a while ?!

I'm tired of laughing so loud as I tear myself inside.
I am tired of sleepless nights and unwanted days.
I'm tired of every betrayal you've prepared for me.
I'm tired of every love you've ruined for me.
I'm tired of every person you took from me.
I'm tired of every hour I drank because of you,
from every cigarette I lit.
I’m tired of every breath I take through the day.
Tired of every step I take.


Because I think everything is wrong.
Wherever I go, I think everything is ugly.
Whatever she did and said was all insignificant.
That's how you taught me ...


You taught me to keep quiet, to swallow words and tears,
to be afraid of everything beautiful that I have, even for a second,
to be afraid to be happy.


You taught me to stare at the sky at night and not sleep.
You taught me not to trust anyone in the world.
You taught me that there is always worse than the worst.

You gave me a cynical smile that changes tears, when someone asks me how I am,
You gave me words of jokes that I never think are funny and I laugh,
You gave me eyes that know how to hide everything, and a face that is beautiful so that you can never look bad on it.
You gave me a body in which the soul does not rest, and a head in which thoughts do not remain silent.
You let me suffer for yesterday and I live in the present.
You gave me all the worst.


And  took the best!
Where is your soul going?

Please tell me, you are preparing me for something much better.
Or at least destroy me to the end, and I'm closer to him anyway.
I'm definitely not giving up, so you shoot.
You have one more bullet left for this body.
Let it be the most painful to swallow and fall.


I blame myself for all this, but I hate you because you planned it all in the beginning
and you gave nothing to the very end.


I do not lose hope, nor the desire for a better life.
But I'm running out of energy ...

So please destroy me now to the end!
Now that I'm fragile, don't rub my eyes anymore.

End up with a bad, yes, finally
or move on
or just turn around.

by *fear*