In Bed At Nine :)

07/14/2016 01:08

Early bedtime and waking up early its ideal for managing your daily life and you have as much time as you want!

In Bed At Nine :)

I woke up at 4am, did a stretching, breakfast and jumped on bike! When you woke up early you will have time and for posturing and photoshooting :)
I just adore photos made early in the morning, cuz of colors, it's are magical. You do not need filer at all :)

Also, as you can see, its ideal because there are no cars and people :) Do not ask! Am I from this planet :) but I really like when there is no noise while I riding and posing :)

In bed at nine during weekdays and you will feel as your day is lasting 14h! In fact, that is the real duration of the day by summer :D :) Just enough to finish everything you have in mind.

Do not forget, our body regenerates, best resting and fill up with healthy energy is to sleep from 10pm to 2am :)

At nine in the bed, when ever you can!
Good night!