What is Ginseng?

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What is Ginseng?

Everything you have to know about Ginseng


Ginseng (Lat. Panax) is the name of a family of eleven species of healing herbs.

Although Chinese ginseng is the most famous variety in Europe, this plant grows in Korea, Vietnam, Siberia and USA.


These three ginseng varieties are the most popular:

- Asian ginseng (so-called Devil’s bush, Lat. Panax ginseng),
- American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) and
- Siberian ginseng (Panax senticocus – eleutero).

Chinese realized that the regular ginseng consumption enhances overall state of human body, appetite and mental activity and has preventive effects on many forms of diseases. 


Ginseng has a very anti-stress function, and it differs from caffeine, does not cause a depressive phase.


Ginseng can also help alleviate the habit of coffee. It is considered an adrenal gland tonic and helps in supporting the immune system and restoring the proper balance to the body, especially during stress or anxiety. This plant strengthens kidneys, which are often weakened by the usual intake of caffeine.


This action of ginseng is due to an increase in activity of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) in the brain, but without the involvement of the adrenal (adrenal) glands that ACTH activates.


Ginseng's development stage (from seed to plant), takes five to seven years. When fully grown, ginseng has a sweet aromatic scent.


On one stem, several leaves develop with greenish-white flowers, which later give cluster fruits of light red berries.




The root of ginseng is removed in autumn, dried, crushed and prepared in the form of powder, capsule, liquid extract or honey sweetened sweets.

The recommended dose of ginseng is 2 teaspoons of liquid tincture 3 times a day.

In the form of powder, 2-4 grams of ginseng is taken daily.

Pour boiling water or hot water in ginseng and drink.


When NOT to use Ginseng 


It is not recommended to use ginseng during pregnancy and during lactation-breastfeeding. If you have high blood pressure, consult your doctor before using ginseng.


It's not enough to drink just one cup of tea or several ginseng tablets. In order to get good results, it is necessary to take this plant for at least a few weeks. It is recommended that vitamin C, fruit juices and southern or acid fruit are avoided for at least several hours after taking ginseng.

Ginseng interaction with insulin, insomnia, diarrhea and nausea is possible.


If used wisely, ginseng can significantly slow aging, boost memory, strengthen endurance, stimulate immune system,\ and improve the general condition of the body.


This tea is a rich source of antioxidants that can stop the formation of free radicals caused by excessive exposure to the sun.



What Ginseng contains?

Ginseng contains ginsenosides.
American ginseng contains 18 types of amino acids.
Including arginine and aspartate.
Ginsenoside improves memory.

It relieves menstrual problems by containing micronutrients that support estrogen activity, relieves stress of the vaginal muscles and reduces menstrual cramps.

Ginseng tea is very useful for students. It acts as a stimulus for brain cells, which improves concentration.


Ginseng root tea is known to be a prosaeus plant that helps in the treatment of sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. It has been clinically proven to contain Phyto (plant), a testosterone that can increase the number of spermatozoids in men.

Ginseng tea helps normal secretion of pepsin helping digestion. It relieves constipation, inflammation and inflammation.

Add plant ginseng tea to the bath tub, because it helps in rehydration of the skin by maintaining the balance of fluid in the body and increasing elasticity.


The perfect combination of American ginseng and ginkgo biloba can decrease the symptoms of hyperactive attention deficit deficiency in children.


Ginseng has the ability to calm your nerves and improve circulation in the brain, thereby affecting your positive mood.



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