Fenomenal toothpaste

08/15/2018 00:56 FLEKITZA.com

toothpaste with green stripe

Fenomenal toothpaste

Since most of you have asked me which toothpaste I will use, here's the answer. Im focused on natural toothpaste because after clubing and chewing jaw all weekend, I need a soft paste for my very sensitive oral cavity :D

You can now find a natural toothpaste and the most common markets in Kosovo.


I use natural paste I made myself,

sometimes I wash my teeth and my mouth with zeolite only and

I use "Fenomenal ecological" toothpaste with green strip at the bottom of the package :)


You can buy this paste in The Spice Garden Prishtina and also have recently appeared on the Green Treg market wide Kosovo.


Happy toothcleaning :)