Everyone is perfect in some ways :)

03.01.2017 18.31 FLEKITZA.com

It doesnt matter if you are right or wrong! Just spit it out!

Everyone is perfect in some ways :)
Yes, my partner and I, we do have some disagreements, but we never fight. Everyone is unique on their own way, no one is the same! Everyone is perfect somehow :)
Most of the time, our friends ask us, what's our secret. It's simple! Just tell your partner what you think, what you love, what you hate, what you do not like, what's in your mind, what are you thinking, without fear, without anything to think before, what your partner will think about it. It doesnt matter if you are right or wrong! Just spit it out!
We always have to talk about it, negotiating, then we decide what is best for us both, not for only one side, always for both sides, then we accept what is best for us! Because we are one! My husband likes to say “..only two blades are arguing, attacking each other”.
The secret is: when we are angry or when we do not agree with each other on something, always one of us compromises to avoid fights that are not necessary because everything can be calmed with conversation, when your emotions are in place, but not when you are furious. Sit down and talk calmly! Say what you mean and learn how to listen to the other side! You will never have arguments and always you both will win.
Stay happy with everything in your mind! :)