Education: Ozone 8 - iZotope

30.09.2019 02.13

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Education: Ozone 8 - iZotope

On video below by DJ producer and music educator Joshua Casper, you’ll acquire all the knowledge you need to be able create your own professional-sounding masters with Ozone.



Joshua introduces the basics and the mastering assistant, which uses machine learning to automatically create custom presets specifically tailored to your track.


He learns features, EQ matching and using the references panel, so you’ll get up to be able to start mastering your own material to a reasonable level.


In addition to working with Tonal Balance ControliZotope’s included software for assisted track equalisation. Joshua shows 2 different examples of mastering, one with modern and one with vintage modules, to compare the techniques used in each process and resulting mastered sound.


Signing up to the course provides access to a download pack containing 10 additional presets for Ozone and the premastered track from the videos, so you not only learn how to master with the software but also have extra materials for doing so.


Check out the free sample modules from the course before signing up for an example of the tutorial content, which will enable your knowledge of Ozone and mastering to be fully realised.


by Kosovo Clubbing