* Dark

08.04.2023 17.13 FLEKITZA.com

✨poem by Violeta Milenković aka *Fear* 📝

* Dark

If you want to come in, bring a candle.

But I do not think that will help you, it is too dark,

and cold. The coldness will extinguish the candle.

Bring a flashlight, you will get lost looking at just

one path. Bring a lightbulb, you will not have enough

energy to light it with. Not even thousand of suns have

power to make this place bright again. Not even millions

of shooting stars and wishes could ever help this place

be peaceful. So what do you say? Do you still want to

get to know me? My first name is fear. I come from darkness

that is buried deep inside me. I was born when I lost people

I loved the most. Would you really want me to continue this

tragic story of lost hope and broken dreams?

by *fear*