Daily Dozen application by Dr. Michael Greger

02/11/2019 03:20 FLEKITZA.com

app will help you to balance your daily food you need for health body and mind.

Daily Dozen application by Dr. Michael Greger

If you are into “healthy lifestyle” do not confuse yourself with information from the Internet and blogs or vlogs, I stick to a couple of trustful sources whose rules I follow, based on research and facts.
One of them is Dr. Michael Greger.

He is the author of the book "How Not to Die," in which he writes that you can solve chronic diseases through what you eat.

His web site NutritionFacts.org is full of information about plant based lifestyle.


Daily Dozen app


For just a couple of days, I started using his new daily application Daily Dozen, which you can download for Android and ISO free of charge, and I am delighted!

There are 10 categories of foods that should be included daily in your diet for optimum health.

It has a beverages category too.

There is information about Vitamin D and how much you need to exercise.


Simply, through the day, mark what you eat, and at the end of the day you will receive notifications about what is lacking in your diet.


Also, in addition to each type of food, there is information about the size of the portions and recommendations for what you need to eat. 


Lovely app <3

Learn everything you need to eat every day and hope to get into the habit :)

21 day! Try it :)