Cleaning is my job

10/05/2017 03:35

Cleaning is my job

I just do not understand why most people are ashamed to work as a cleaner? Maybe they do not know how to do that job? Cleaning? Have they ever cleaned their house, or their body? :P 

I just finished cleaning our home and I so damn enjoyed it :) Well, I’m pretty sure I'm good at it. I know to do the job and i'm not ashamed at all So, I'll never have to be afraid to be without it. 

Cleaning after work and after riding bike will not kill you, it can give you just more energy, working 7h more :P 

Last night till 3 AM :D

Am I fit cuz of much work while im out and around home?!

Need more kg on me!!! :D :) 

Then, I need to be a bit lazy :P