Bro :) everywhere I go :)

07/23/2016 01:12

Wherever our path takes and leads us, if possible, my 10 years younger brother, he joins us :)

Bro :) everywhere I go :)

Stefan is a big wanderer but he is always tired from transportation. Well, I'm still looking how to get teleport :)

Very hot temperature in Novi Sad during the Exit festival, did not stop us to wander through the city and pose :) and of course we worked and earned :) Our blood is infected with monetize everything we can :D that's how things goes in this world where the money is primary. 

I love money as you probably :) but im not stick to them at all. We like to say that my pocket itching me all the time and immediately i need to spent them for what we needed most in that moment. For Stefan is always the most important and most needed iphone :) But I'm not going to give money for "smarts" : D

All incomes you have to share with your bro so he can get will to study and to graduate: D :)