Blogging: How to create articles that actually get readers

06/15/2018 00:06

..happy blogging..

Blogging: How to create articles that actually get readers

Write! Write anything you have in your head!

You will see how much you are amazing :) or crazy :P

But both cases are so beautiful!

Try :)

Do not afraid you do not know. You know. Just write. Anything. Everything. You grow. You learn. You love. You gave. You get. You write. You are happy!

I always loved to write anything what happened to me or what i have in my head. Sometimes its just circles, flowers and stars :D

I also had a diary as a teen, and was full with some kind of dropping magic and games.. like, "how to turn ex in frog" :D Imagine or don't! :D :D Scarry :P

I learn every day about blogging. This e-book written by my girlfriend Rina Zhubi will help you how to create super powerful blog that actually have faithful/returingng much more readrs. 


It's a kind of guide for all bloggers and future bloggers.

While reading this book you will imidiately learn all stuff she worte down, as she desinged just to be easy to read, get all information and keep them on a such easy way, just like how your blog will look like, in case you want more happy readrds.

To keep Rina motivated writing more books like this, you can buy "Writing for blogs: how to create articles that actually get readers" by Rina Zhubi for 2$ at Pozitiwa shop  


or you can DONATE as much as you want :) #thnakful  


Happy Blogging!