Aitor Ronda at WHACK, City Hall Barcelona

05/10/2019 23:27

WHACK premier at City Hall Barcelona was a big success!

Aitor Ronda at WHACK, City Hall Barcelona

Aitor Ronda designed a Techno night in its widest spectrum, with a unique set where the crowd could dance from 124 to 128 BPMs.


As a guest, and for the first time in BarcelonaVinicius Honorio undoubtedly smashed it with a powerfull mix followed by Aitor who gave it all until the sunrise.


"An eclectic night, ideal for music lovers, that catches from the beginning, full of hypnotic rhythms, intensity and melodies that take you in awe all the time ... in ascending key until reaching a place called WHACK".

Have a listen to a 1 hour section of Aitor’s set HERE!