Acne face mapping

12/14/2018 23:46

Learn about your overall health based on where the pimples pop up on your face ;)

Acne face mapping

If you believe in alternative methods of treatment and diagnosis, here is one method that comes from Russian healers.

Find out which part of your body is missing what, based on acne on your face :)

1. Rectum;
2. Sigmoid colon;
3. Liver;
4. Hoses;
5. The lower part of the colon;
6. Left adrenal gland;
7. left kidneys;
8. upper left kidney;
9. Left liver of the liver;
10. The body of the gallbladder (corpus vesicae felleae);
11. The left part of the transverse colon;
12. Lizards;
13. Zucchine and liver channels;
14. Left kidney;
15. Heart pathology;
16. left kidney ureter;
17. Left liver of the liver;
18. Left milky [lactiferous] gland;
19. Left lapel;
20. Heart disorders;
21. Bronchi of the left lung wings;
22. Diaphragm, ribbed oomotac;
23. Small curvature of the stomach;
24. Twelfth;
25. Left adrenal gland;
26. Left inguinal collection;
27. Left ovary for women, left testis for men;
28. Left lactiferous gland;
29. Sacroiliacal joint;
30. Left kidney;
31. A large curvature of the stomach;
32. The lion's pink pendant with the ovaries, the left lobes of the prostate in the testicle;
33. Urinary bladder; 34. Left-hearted Karl;
35. Gušteraca;
36. The left throat of the thyroid;
37. Left urethra;
38. Pilorus part of the stomach;
39. Uterus, prostate lumps, perineum;
40. Right milky [lactiferous] gland;
41. Pilorus part of the stomach;
42. Right urethra;
43. Yellow bladder;
44. The right throat of the thyroid;
45. Right-hand hip;
46. Right pendant of the uterus with the ovaries, right prostate ligament in the testicle;
47. Small curvature of the stomach;
48. Right kidney;
49. Right ovary for women, right testis for men;
50. Illiac lymphatic system;
51. Right adrenal gland;
52. Hoses;
53. Large stomach bend;
54. Hormone system;
55. signs of scleroderma;
56. Hoses;
57. Femoral cartilage; 58. Small stomach bend;
59. A large curvature of the stomach;
60. Right urethra;
61. Right bronchial bronchi;
62. Right milky [lactiferous] gland;
63. Right liver of the liver;
64. Right urethra; 65. Right lung wings;
66. Right kidney;
67. Signs of stagnation in the kidneys, kidney stones, kidney sand; 68. The right part of the transverse colon;
69. Kidney infection;
70. Right kidney; 71. A body of a gallbladder with extraction channels; 72. Right liver of the liver; 73. Right kernel; 74. Right adrenal gland;
75. Stretching the part of the colon (ileokecal angle);
76. transverse colon;
77. Appendix;
78. Stomach;
79. Urinary bladder;
80. Genitals