2017, is that you?

12.02.2017 19.12 FLEKITZA.com

I believe in the power of love and positivity.

2017, is that you?

Why do I feel the blues this New Year’s eve?

I stop for a moment and rewind 365 days of 2016. Thinking about it, I realize it has been a long year filled with stories people write books about. It has been a year filled with so many memories, so many stories, oh boy, too many of them. I called it a bombastic year.

smiled, tons of times.
cried, countless times.
danced, for hours, for days, for weekends.
loved and lost.
kissed a lot.
I made people smile, well, that’s what I mostly do.
I got betrayed.
graduated, yuhuu.
I was left alone.
I got presents, I gave more though.
Made new friends, lost old ones.
I became an aunt.
I made lots of mistakes.
I listened to good music.
But most importantly, I learned a lot about myself.
I understood that I am a person of peace and compromises.
I am not meant to be tamed; my curious nature does not allow that.
I like to wander alone, that’s why I don’t make plans.
I believe in the power of love and positivity.
I believe that we should be kind to one another.

So that’s why I say smile all the time, give compliments when you can and show respect to others, you have no idea how much it can impact their lives.

Patience. That’s a quality you should work on yourself. All it takes for good things to happen is patience.

Understanding. Understand one another, you never know what they have gone through (or still are).

It is weird because I know all of this and yet I feel a little down on this New Year’s Eve.
Is it because very few of those I call friends sent me greetings?
Or is it because I am thinking of all the things (and people) I lost this year?
Or is it the family atmosphere that gives me the blues?

I don’t know.
Maybe it is one of them; maybe it is all of them.
But, frankly, I don’t care.
Sometimes feelings do not have answers; that is why we call them feelings.

In this year we are entering, I am taking with me all the goods and the bads. I use the goods to make me happy and the bads to remember why I am here. In mean time I will enjoy this new 365 day ride, spreading the love I feel, aiming to make this world (or this city) a better place to live.

posted by Missanir