Celebrate each day

03/02/2017 22:30 FLEKITZA.com

...celebrate my new year, Flekitza’s new year :)

Celebrate each day

Do not be upset if someone does not congratulate you at celebrations. And furthermore, don't expect it! It doesn’t matter! You need to be sure that everyone will wish everyone a happy new year and all the best, right? Or to wish you a happy birthday and many years in this beautiful life. It's kind of natural to have good wishes :)

I'm sure you have good wishes for everyone! :)

Why does it have to be said, or be expected, but if someone does not congratulate you, then you feel grieved. Why are there holidays and why do we celebrate them?!

Every day should be a celebration, for your life and the opportunity to feel everything that exists in this world!

Celebrate New Years, Xmas, your St, birthdays, each and every day, just celebrate :)

Here, celebrate my new year, Flekitza’s new year; it's every second of every hour of everyday :) Happy New Year and every second you are spending on my blog :)

Im not into celebrating holidays and celebrations! Back then, that's all fake days with people who are just super fake with 'goodness' and 'attention' . So do not criticize me if I did not congratulate you on something, criticism will consume your energy.

If i feel like writing to you and congratulating you on something, i will... i will write you such a good txt or i will tell you such a good congrats that you will cry, be angry, be surprised, happy, smile, laugh, disappointed or what ever ....

I'm not waiting for new year, st valentine's or birthday to tell you i love u or wish u all the best :) You can ask those peeps who was on my path that day :)

So, enjoy every day and congratulate all of today's new year. Imagine one :)

Smile is enough :)